Awakening is a short satirical drama: A confused saint must choose between desire and duty.

Awakening is a short satirical drama. Since time began, God has employed Saints to help manage the overwhelming task of keeping the mortal world in order. But today is their last day of work as God has fired every Saint. At the Office of the Saints, in a crypt based in a parallel world, Saint Margaret is in crisis over this drastic change. Faced with a number of different and difficult choices, Saint Margaret feels paralysed – For the first time in centuries, she must think about what she truly wants.

Titel des Films: Awakening
Genre: Drama/Fantasy
Country/Jahr: UK 2014
Länge: 19:51 min

Cast: Tracy Wiles, Mark Edel-Hunt, Joan Walker, Trevor Nichols, Harry Livingstone, David Whitney.

Buch und Regie: Gaelle Mourre
Kamera: Anais Lorie
Schnitt: Daniel Michalos
Musik: James Morris
Produzent: Georg Schleicher

Unser Kurzfilm ist ein englischsprachiger Abschlussfilm der London Film School der Regisseurin Gaelle Mourre. Wir möchten darauf hinweisen, dass es sich um keinen religiösen Film handelt. Thematisch im Vordergrund steht die Existenzkrise der Heiligen Margaret, die die Regisseurin nicht in der realen, sondern in einer Fantasywelt angesiedelt hat. Zur Motivation der Regisseurin siehe unten. Der Film wurde 2014 in London produziert und ist seitdem auf einigen Festivals gelaufen und auch als Bestes Drama ausgezeichnet worden (siehe unten). Der Film ist sozusagen eine europäische Koproduktion, da eine französische Regisseurin, eine belgische Kamerafrau, ein deutsch-griechischer Editor, ein englischer Production Designer und andere Crew-Mitglieder u.a. aus Polen, Italien und Portugal beteiligt waren.

awakening-plDirector´s Statement:
I wrote this script as an exploration of character evolution. I also wanted to re-examine the idea that we have of Saints, and bring them closer to home, using them as mirrors for our own human nature. Most of us will know what it is like to question ourselves, to experience an identity crisis without knowing how to solve it. Change is often daunting, and it is the decisions that we make in such difficult circumstances that define who we are. The idea for the story came to me when I visited the National portrait gallery and saw Zurbaran’s “Saint Margaret of Antioch.” The portrait struck me because here was a full-length portrait of a single woman occupying the forefront of the composition, and looking straight out at the viewer. This is quite unusual for paintings of the time (XVIIth century) so when I got home I read up on her: She was born to a pagan family and converted to Christianity, defying her father who then disowned her. Later, Olybrius, the governor of the Roman Diocese of the East, asked for her hand in marriage on the condition that she renounce her faith. St Margaret refused to do so and was subsequently tortured. Miraculously, she came out unscathed. Olybrius then threw in prison, where she was swallowed whole by the devil in the guise of a dragon. She managed to defeat him by cutting herself free of the beast’s belly with her cross. But her victory was short lived as Olybrius then beheaded her, succeeding in finally killing her. As I read about her determination, I thought it would be interesting to see how St Margaret would react when the world she had devoted everything to came crashing down.

Festivals Preise Auszeichnungen Auszeichnungen:
– New York International Short Film Festival 2015: Best Drama Official Selection:
– Palm Springs International ShortFilm Fest 2015 (Oscar-qualifiying)
– L.A. International Short Film Festival 2015 (Oscar-qualifying)
– Fantasporto 2015 – FilmQuest Festival 2015
– Cinefiesta – Puerto Rico International Short Film Festival 2015
– Hawaii International Short Film Festival 2015
– Athens International Film + Video Festival 2015
– International Youth Film Festival Langesund 2015
– Long Story Shorts 2015
– Arts & Algorithms International Shorts Film Festival 2016

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