The Indian

Bei THE INDIAN handelt es sich um eine Art Versuch, der zeigen sollte, dass man auch in Europa – genauer gesagt in Österreich – ohne Unmengen an Geld auszugeben, Filme mit einem hohen Production-Value entstehen lassen kann. Der Kurzfilm soll dem Produzenten Sebastian Leitner und dem dem Regisseur Christian Foessl helfen ihren Langfilm finanziert zu bekommen.

The Indian - SzenenbildA clumsy young Indian gets kicked out of the apartment of his girlfriend. Trying to win her back he starts to search for a job. Things however do not go exactly according to plans and he has to get inventive in order to get rid of the two ruthless Gangsters, Police and that Secret Agency that’s after him due to a series of unfortunate coincidences.

We all love those classic American comedies that have become very rare nowadays, like The Jerk, The Party, Vacation, Airplane, The Naked Gun, or Bowfinger, just to mention a few. Film has always been about entertaining the audience to us, which is why we decided to put a variety of hilarious scenes and funny characters together.

THE INDIAN – Making of

Chris Foessl (Director) originally comes from the stage where he was able to gather experience in literally hundreds of performances as a classical singer. His love for movies got him into writing scripts. After being produced for German television, directing commercials and arranging product placement deals for international productions such as First Love and CSI:NY, he decided that it was time to get his favorite stories produced the “do it yourself way”. The Indian will be his directorial debut of a feature film, and many other scripts of various genres are lined up to follow.

Sebastian Leitner (Producer/Editor) has been part of numerous projects, mainly as writer, cinematographer and editor: His latest feature-length work in those sections is Noseland (2012), a classical music mockumentary with John Malkovich, Sir Roger Moore and Julian Rachlin (director Aleksey Igudesman) has been selected by many international film festivals.

Philip Waley (Executive producer) has been working in the U.S. film and television industry for over 20 years, successfully producing hundreds of commercials and music videos around the world. He was awarded the coveted Silver Lion at Cannes. Philip has had the pleasure of working with the Major studios. Some of his recent movies include Middle Men, Columbus Circle, Solomon Kane, Jumper, Hostel 1&2, The Pink Panther, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Running Scared.

Alexander Boboschewski aac (Director of Photography) has been working in the film and TV industry for over 25 years as steadycam operator, cinematographer and director of photography. He worked on award winning films like: The Counterfeiters (Oscar for the best foreign language film 2008), Shadowing the Third Man (Cannes Film Festival), Imagine IMAGINE (World Gold Medal for feature documentaries New York Festival) and many more.

The Indian - Behind the scenes Jagdeep BajwaEdwin Wendler (Composer/Arranger) has a lot of U.S. feature film credits as a composer, arranger, programmer, and orchestrator. He worked on films such as So Undercover, Home: The Horror Story, The Interior, Christmas With A Capital C, The Mark, Escape, Little Fockers, Unknown, The Resident, Gardener of Eden, The Losers, Turistas and Into The Blue. He also wrote additional music for the NBC reality TV series, Fear Factor.

Jonas Petersen (Composer/Sound Editor and Mixer) has been involved in various projects as a sound engineer, producer and arranger. In his role as an recording engineer and music programmer he has worked on movies such as Sherlock Holmes 2, Madagascar 3 or Noseland. As a sound designer and soundtrack mixer he usually ends up faced with unlikely noises of squeaky doors and crying animals.

Jagdeep Bajwa (The Indian) has not been involved in any acting-related projects before. We basically discovered him and immediately cast him for the role of The Indian, because he was so natural and talented. This feature film is his debut and certainly not the last movie he will be seen in!

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